Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms


•All guests staying at our properties are subject to these terms and conditions.

•The Booking is with the person making the booking request (the ‘Lead Booker’) who must be 25 or over

•The names of all guests, and ages of any children who will be staying  must be provided at the time of the Booking.

•The Booking is complete when we have confirmed your reservation and received an agreed payment as a booking fee.


•Payment should normally be by an accepted credit or debit card or bank transfer via our web site.

•Security deposit is due at the time of booking.  This deposit is potentially refundable provided all House Rules are adhered to by all occupants. 

•The full cost of the stay and the security deposit is due upon booking. 

•By making a Booking, you agree to pay us any additional charges arising from breaches of the terms and conditions


•The price includes linen, towels, energy, water, and a starter supply of toiletries and paper products.  

•Please note: you may be, at our discretion, liable for additional charges in the event of breaches of these Booking Terms and Conditions of Stay.


•In the event that we cannot provide your chosen property or need to close the property for the duration of your booking for whatever reason prior to your arrival we will help you find alternative accommodation of a similar standard. 

•If we need to close the property during your stay, we will help you find alternative accommodation and will refund you the pro-rated cost for the period remaining.

•We will not be liable for any other costs whatsoever arising from the closure.

5.Arrival and departure

•Normal check-in is between 4pm and before 10pm; normal check-out time is 11am. These times are to allow the cleaning protocols required to keep you safe.

•We may be able to offer times outside of these but this must be agreed with us prior to arrival or during your stay and cannot be guaranteed.

•A late check-out for whatever reason, unless previously agreed, will be subject to a minimum $50 extra charge as this affects the cleaning/servicing of the property or the arriving guest.

•In the event you are unable to vacate the property you will be liable for the full costs of the normal booking periods for the property and you will indemnify us for losses arising from claims from guests with bookings for the property that have been affected.

6.Corona Virus

•Guests must not travel to us if they will be in breach of Government guidance or the law on Covid-19.

•We will not be liable if a guest cannot travel and in the event that all guests cannot travel then the booking will be deemed cancelled by you.

Special note: you are responsible for taking out suitable insurance to cover illnesses (such as Covid-19) and other occurrences that prevent you from travelling. We will not be liable for any costs or claims whatsoever from cancellations arising from these events.

•If any guest while staying with us is informed that they have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 then that guest must follow Government guidance or the law.

•Any guest will immediately inform us if, during their stay they exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 and/or test positive for Covid-19 and will follow Government guidance or the law. We will not be liable for any costs or claims whatsoever arising from this requirement.

7.Cancellations and Amendments

•We strongly advise that you have adequate travel insurance for illnesses (including Covid-19) and other unexpected events that could affect your holiday.

•To amend or cancel your Booking, notify the host immediately in writing via website’s messaging system. 

•If you are unable to travel to us or cancel or amend your confirmed booking within 30 days of the arrival date we will try and re-let the accommodation. Whatever the outcome we will normally charge for any loss of income arising from the cancellation or amendment up to the full value of the original booking less costs saved.

8.Our right to terminate your stay

We reserve the right to terminate your stay without being liable for any refund or compensation where you engage in what we consider as unacceptable behaviour that causes a disturbance or nuisance to us or our neighbours or other guests; or you breach any Booking Conditions or Conditions of Stay Policy.


•Other than for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or misrepresentation, our total liability to you is limited to the value of the Booking and to the fullest extent permitted by law all warranties are excluded and in no circumstances will we be responsible for any indirect or special damages.

•We do not accept liability for any accident or loss from your car while on our premises, or the loss of valuables while left in the property.

•We will not be liable for failure to perform to the extent that the failure is caused by any factor beyond our reasonable control.

•You are responsible for any damage or loss caused to us or our property by your act, omission, default or neglect and you agree to indemnify us and to pay us on demand the amount reasonably required to make good or remedy any such damage or loss. For clarification this includes breakages, damage (other than reasonable normal wear and tear) and includes damage to mattresses and any extra cleaning due to failure to comply with the Booking Terms and Conditions of Stay.

•We do not accept liability for noise or nuisance arising from neighbouring properties or the surrounding area.

 Conditions of Stay

These conditions of any stay are applicable to all guests that occupy the property and any agreed visitors.

General Conditions

We have the following general conditions of stay to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of all our guests. 

1.To reduce hygiene risks to us and our staff:

•Normally no maintenance will be undertaken within the property while guests are staying unless it is deemed by us as essential for your enjoyment, or a safety issue or an emergency.

2.There is STRICTLY no smoking or vaping while inside the cottage at any time. We will terminate your booking without notice and without being liable for any refund or compensation and we will charge a special cleaning surcharge of $200 if you smoke or use a vaping device while you are anywhere inside the propertie or there is a smell of smoke inside the property on your departure. Care must be taken to stop smoke or vapour entering the property by closing adjacent doors and windows if smoking outside.

3.There must be no recreational drugs

4.On arrival or during your stay, you must bring to our attention anything you feel may be missing or damaged or unsafe or not as expected. We will do our best to rectify any issues within our control.

5.Children must be well behaved and supervised at all times and must be included on the guest form.

6.The property are for the sole use of guests registered as part of the Booking process and any visitors must be by prior arrangement with us and are bound by these Conditions of Stay.

7.The quiet and peaceful ambiance of our properties are very important to us and therefore guests must not make any noise that we deem unreasonable, particularly between 10pm and 8am.

8.The property must be left reasonably clean and tidy. If extra time is required by our cleaning staff then we reserve the right to charge you for that cost.

9.Accidents do happen. Any minor breakages or damage should be reported to us at the earliest possible time so that alternatives can be purchased or repairs made prior to the arrival of subsequent guests. This may be charged to you at cost, at our discretion.

10.If there is substantial breakage or damage or theft you will be charged for any costs or loss of income due to closure of the cottage arising from this. The police may be informed.

11.No commercial vehicles, motor homes or camper vans are allowed.